Multi-annual illustration per Ministry

In the figure, all chapters of the central government budget are visible with links to the percentage that was spent more or less than was budgeted initially. The figure on the right shows these differences in absolute amounts and also includes the adjusted budget amounts throughout the year. At a number of fixed times in the year, the budget laws are adjusted if necessary. There are 4 positions per year:

O = Draft budget presented to parliamen in september of the previous year
V = Fixed budget, as ultimately adopted by the Lower House of parliament
1 = 1st Supplementary Budget Act, Adjustment Moment at spring memorandum (June)
2 = 2nd Supplementary Budget Act, adjustment moment at the autumn memorandum (November)

The dotted line shows the level of expenditure in the year in question, as included in the annual report. Per budget chapter one can click on an overview of the various underlying budget items. Adjusting the budget may have many causes, such as a political wish, more participants in a program than expected, new regulations or obstacles during implementation of a project.

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